American Modern Artist & Sculptor Emmett Ardie Williams devotes a lifetime of study to capturing live music musicians on canvas. His works document his understanding of how musicians create, and impose his graphic insights over their images as the play. His study of art began at an early age. He studied street life on the streets of Washington, D. C. notorious 14th corridor in the mid '70's. Pimps, junkies, cops, and drug dealers found themselves in his sketchbooks. He traveled to Atlantic City where he studied patrons and hostesses at The Playboy Club, and later in life gamblers and casino staff as well as performers and showgirls. His visual input on musicians developed and eventually landed him exhibitions in multiple galleries as well as a museum in Greenville North Carolina in 2008.

The furniture industry executives found their way into his studios in Greensboro, NC and his equestrian imagery has been fixtures at the High Point Furniture Market for over a decade.

The Artist develops his own one of a kind furniture items for his own studio and home. His Jazz themes adorn his unique pieces. Al manner of materials are used in the creation of his works, from his cardboard designs, to steel sculpture. Plywood and stretched canvas are his main mediums, along with his unique leather cartouching abilities. His design powers have taken him to Scottsdale Arizona, where he was commissioned to paint his trademark cubist concepts on more than twenty pieces, sold out and the orders for twenty plus more were reordered and sold out. The highly collectible still life concepts are highly sought after. Instantly fetching 4 figures at first sight. The works presented here in his  book "The Art of Jazz" are a sample of the painter's thought processes on music.

His focus on Jazz comes as a result of being commissioned by Jazz Clubs in the Washington, D.C. area. The more commissions, the more exposure and appreciation came for the music form. He is a student of the saxophone. And enjoys the learning process. It also gives him further appreciation for the musicians and their instruments. And all things music help aide him in his quest for knowledge. He feels that more attention should be focused on what most now agree is an American made art form, and worthy of promotion. He promises to do all he can by making as many images available as possible.

The Artist's website is

The Artist now creates his own models in  the form 3-D sculptures in paper, plastic and aluminum.

"I have always thought in terms of making 2-D work that had the visual impact of 3 dimensional subjects. It took years for me to find a way to make sculptures. First an artist must find their way to the Art-World, then the task is what kind of work shall I make, and do I make work I believe in, and others want. Also what's different about what i'm doing? My everyday goal is to make it cheaper, better, faster. I have a lot of ideas, ergo everything can't cost  a fortune to make. Art is is equal to business. You can't make a bad business deal and desire to make the same mistake again on purpose, art is art because when it's done well it is worthy and people want to repeat it's success to consistently buy and sell a quality product. Artist supply the tools the world needs to shape itself in what it needs to become to survive in a harsher and harder environment. You can employ people and tell them what to do, but you can't tell them how to think. Followers follow, Leaders lead, and Designers design the future." 

Hub-Cap Clock © Emmett Williams 2001

EMMETT meets Basquiat @ The Corcoran

The two Artists bumped into each other at the school where

EMMETT was a student in the early eighties.


Artist's Paintings featured at Design Institute

of America's DIA-Planum Showroom

Works by Modern Artist Emmett Ardie Williams, Modern Mona, Cubist Woman,

The Shape and The Bass Player adorn the walls during High Point Furniture market Spring 2004.

Emmett Williams Solos with ''Street-Face'' Exhibition

@ Cofrin Gallery in Gainesville ,Florida


The above exhibition also featured life-casts of the artist face by the Artist's wife Phaladya in wax, plastic and concrete which were modified with sculpted cityscapes by Emmett. 

DC Artist's 1st Solo Exhibition "Art Deco & Cubist Fusions" bumps

Van Gogh's Van Goghs off the pages of a DC Newspaper

Emmett Williams solo exhibition took place at The Record Gallery of Bethesda (MD) During the Titanic Van Gogh exhibition.

The young painter was a concierge all over Washington DC and aided art lovers in obtaining passes for the master's exhibition.

"Little did I know I was going to have to compete for coverage, as my own exhibition was scheduled to take place during his.

I am a Washingtonian so I made the obvious effort to ask The Washington Post for coverage or even a little mention. I was actually laughed at on the other end of the phone.

They asked if I had heard of the Van Gogh Show and informed me that 'no one in this city is going to cover you'.

It should have been enough to just tell me no....but when they went sounded like a challenge.

I know my city, so I kept writing and calling, and making arguments for coverage as the writers of Van Gogh's time had ample opportunity to cover him and didn't

and I refused to be neglected by writers of my era.

Finally one guy, returned my call from The African American Newspapers by the name of Herb Quarles. Quarles went to Bethesda and saw my show.

Then he came to my apartment and took my picture, and kept writing and writing and writing. Until finally the 1st article had me on the opposite page of Van Gogh...

.then the next stories rolled and no more Van Gogh. Not even the once great Washington Post be allowed to define Emmett Williams."

Artist's "Modern Mona" embellished giclee' replaces a Picasso

 in NC Furniture Execs Living Room

Emmett Williams' recurring dream of replacing a Picasso on a wall stayed in his psyche for 25 years until it materialized in the home of a North Carolina furniture President.

The man removed his family's treasured but small Picasso and replaced it with a reproduction of Emmett's Modern Mona painting.

 "Things like this let me know i'm on track to fulfill my destiny, and prove if only to me, that i'm not just a dreamer, i'm doing what i'm supposed to do". 

The Manhattan Road Trip

Painter borrows canvas and paint from artist friend Sonny Corbi and Diane Davis of Davis Designs to travel to New York City with William Alan Fine Furniture President

and  another executive towing an Airstream trailer full of furniture designs. They stop in front of The ABC Home & Carpet store at 888 Broadway, for a 3 day event on the streets of New York.

Emmett exits and stretches a large canvas as they execs staged furniture up and down Broadway. The painter begins to paint both sides of the street on one canvas.

A couple of hours go by as his impressionist view takes shape and a NY Book Publisher approaches and attempts to barter a possible book deal for the work.

"I restated my price." another lady named Chris Wilson came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder ''If you're done hon', I would like to make an offer now."

The 1st lady walks away and they begin to negotiate price. The lady said she had to talk to her husband (John), and would be back.

"Through the night the furniture execs kept me up wondering why I didn't go for a sure thing and take $500 for my $2500 painting". 

When it was said and done, the paintings new owners were 2 Park Avenue residents.

Emmett got 4 figures for the work, met famed actor B.D. Wong, and got his autograph on a NC art magazine which featured his Modern Mona on the cover.

''I grew an impressive client list which included William Alan Fine Furniture Co., Hancock & Moore, Theresa Verserius, Moore & Giles,

Robb & Stuckey Leather and Tiger Leather.

My hand-painted leather artworks have featured and sold out multiple occasions at Robb & Stuckey Leather.

Also featured at DIA-Planum Showroom, Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine Expo in Scottsdale Arizona, and in Cowboys & Indians Magazine."