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August 2017
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The Red Light District

Welcome to The Red Light District.

An underworld manufactured jambalaya of pimps, junk-punks and dime a dance dolls. The urgent clumping, thumping footwear of well-dressed men of heft and thik-thok clomping of dames echo through the air day and night on the city pavement. Graduates of the school of hard knocks hustle and flow down their avenues of America the great. Once too cool for school knuckle-heads, lurk in alleys for opportunities and on corners for affluent drug buyers to sell to or rob. Swift footed bandits race off with snatched jewelry and purses, while others thug off with big ticket booty like laptops and smart phones bullied from dumb people. Of course the usual heist of loot and guns from pawn shops. City sewers overflow with gutter rats and dirty cops on the take or just in it for penalty-free beat downs and bang-bangs. Stool pigeons squeal on their masters for feathered sentences, only to get the shiv when the math is done in the mob bosses heads. In stir, a lot of thinking gets done by all. Brain muscles never before flexed wake up and start calculatin’ for the first time. Small time hoods come out resolved to become even bigger crooks, and line up the flunkies to take the big fall for them…next time.

The bosses had their properly-dressed Uzi-boys on guard twenty-four-seven. The trigger-happy Uzi-boys vomited bullets at the first sign of trouble.

Dyke dancing raunchy strippers permeated their clubs. Visitors assuming seafood was being served, before being sternly corrected that the establishment was not a restaurant.

Petty crooks and aspiring mob bosses flocked to the better clubs. Those brave enough to come to The Hang Out usually gained entry. The bad cops had to be kept out though. A club has got to have standards.

A good show and all the booze you could drink without incident was all that the club offered. Romances between acts and clients were discouraged by fists.

Muscle-heads from time to time tried to move in on territories. But the strong-armed takeovers were quickly suppressed by violent death.

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