This is the place to find out what’s new with the Artist.

The Artist will post samples of what is on the easel and in the works throughout the year. Pictured above is a sample of the Artist’s Furniture series. The pieces are all designed and built in-studio by the Artist himself.

All Wood Designs range from $200-$300.00.

The one of a kind pieces are signed and dated. Hand-Painted Leather cushions featuring unique Art By Emmett are $100.00 per cushion. The chairs represent his personal need to design functional art in which he himself uses in his own Art Studio. The works are strong, elegant and created from mostly Plywood. The works are upholstered in genuine leather and some are equipt with storage space for optional pillow/cushions.

“If I can visualize it, I can make it happen.”

-Emmett Williams

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