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Elephant Man

A group of guards rush to their leader’s office and violently bang on the door frantically shouting “John Kimbro is Loose!!! Four words that terrify the man on the other side of the door. A few seconds ago he believed himself to be the most powerful man in the country. With all his men, their seemingly unlimited supply of weapons and the will and military might to stamp out all adversaries and keep the small country and it’s countryman under their control. Now at once he feels small, insignificant and weak as his mind ponders just four words and considers what they mean.

John Kimbro. An accountant who’s sole purpose was to create and maintain the books for the Capitan. Books which were to conceal his theft and grand scheme of underworld business connections from arms dealing to slave labor farmed out through the prisons. Guilty and innocent alike supplied to evil mining companies, and free labor for the rich.

But Kimbro refused. He refused to be intimidated, and then they tortured him. Not knowing that they had more than a 160 lbs. accountant to subdue but a 2000 lb. titan hell bent on their destruction.

Rumors spread through the country that this man appeared to have a connection to the giant. They both appeared at the same time, and the tow never seen in the same place. Now hearing the guards say that Kimbro was loose, The Capitan realizes who John Kimbro really is.

And he is afraid.

“He’s coming Capitan!!! He is coming!” The guards shout.

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