Bass Player

Bass Player

Original Oil on canvas painting of a Bass Player. I sketched a quick study of a bass player during a Festival of Lights event, at the Kress Building in Greensboro North Carolina. I went back to my studio and painted this in about an hour as my paint froze in my brushes. I had no heat. So I had to be quick about it while I still had the concept for it fresh in my mind. The frigidness forced me to focus more clearly. Nothing more or less than what was needed to capture the image. In ideal conditions it wouldn’t take much to overthink a layout and use more colors than is necessary. Simple, Spartan design works best most of the time. Deceptively simple I would say. It has appeared in North Carolina newspapers, that covered my studios from 2003-2008. Also exhibited in numerous galleries in the area, finally exhibited at The Greenville Museum of Art March 2008. The Hippodrome in Gainesville, Florida (Solo Exhibition-Visual Sound III: The Art of Jazz in America) Solo Exhibition-Vam York Theatre, and Oak Hall/Cofrin Gallery.


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