I was born and raised in Washington, D.C.. As a DC native I met a lot of famous folks and connected with them one  way or another through my art. I studied art live on the street, by capturing everything that interested me in my llittle sketchbooks. I learned very early in my teens not to be obvious about capturing street-life. I was inspired early by artists like Lautrec, and others who were able to sieze experiences they had visually in the form of drawings. I attended art collge and won awards for my studio works then left academia to pursue gallery placement.


I got started at The Pavilion Gallery with a self-portrait of myself working as a dishwasher in Adams-Morgan for art supplies. I relocated to North Carolina after a successful solo in Bethesda, MD. 


I 1st joined a co-op studio/gallery for a few months, had another successful solo, then siezed a building for myself.  I met people there in the privacy of a property I controlled inside and out that I would do business with for decades. I never look back, I can't afford to make mistakes. I don't always deal with perfect people, but if the one's I need can offer insight into a seizing a bigger audience. I can learn from them and keep moving forward to more successes as fast as I can. 



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