Street Face

Street Face

Street Face: An Urban Experience

Emmett Williams Solo Exhibition in Gainesville, Florida to feature the artist’s drawings, paintings and hand built furniture.

Pure Urban Energy, cityscapes depicting streets filled with Washington DC scenes of the people , as depicted in his sketchbooks. The Artist’s drawings and paintings evolve into 3-D sculpture formed from common materials. Musicians, Street Scenes, Self Portraits of the Artist and his Models materialize in this colorful exhibition.

Cubist Man

Cubist Man is a standing cubistic nude figure which hangs in our ”living room”.  Most people hide their nude art in their bed room. My clients ask for works they can feel comfortable displaying in their homes without having to hide them. I created the ”Living Room Nude”‘ concept and it continues to work.

Design & Display

Hanging the artist’s next exhibition will take a lot of planning because of the numerous works which will be on view and because there will be paintings, sculpture and furniture.

Below are samples of how things will ideally be placed on walls.

Hang the larger works first. And try to give them some space. If the piece is wide try not to have it next to the very edge of the wall it is on. Leave room at the top and bottom, and don’t have the edge of the work too close to the floor or too high touching the ceiling. Works of the same or similar size should be spaced evenly and level if possible.

Art By Emmett