The Cubist News

Issue No. 1
Pictured to the above is a new installment in my Cubist Woman Series. It’s classic cubism with a little futurism thrown in for good measure. My view of futurism uses metalicised flesh. The chosen flesh tone blended with a dark tone on one side, and a light tone on the other. Applied at angles, then overlapping and wrapping the next form on top, and keeping my options open to cubisizing them with three-dimensional elements like simple 4 part box or cube shapes, achieved by line drafts over the area, finish by blending the sides on the edges. Focus on the edge of the line, touch them with a small brush or wadded cloth and just drag a little color to one side until it’s noticeable. Then try a light or white color on the other side of the darkened edge. Observe the contrast. The more you apply this technique, the more futuristic the whole painting becomes. 

In my mind I’m thinking about what portraiture, and figure painting in the future will look like….but I want to see it now.

Artist & Models

Artist & Models

Scenes from the artist’s life in graphic format. Models and friends who often posed for the painter over the years. As well as some of the major works and themes used will be chronicled here.

Book to follow.